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Monday, February 22, 2010

Search, Rescue & ROCK N Deconstruct!

Leticia Garcia - the creator and designer of a cool funky and innovative fashion line called LEKUIN. 

The concept of LEKUIN is to use and recycle only organic materials. Everything is 100% handmade from fabrics that Leticia rescues from all over the world. 

The majority of her pieces are one of a kind creations with a unique rock n deconstructed style that one can wear in many different ways. The line keeps a high end personality, and is created for people who understand the art involved in the creation of every single piece.

LEKUIN reflects the love she has for style and her inspiration from many cultures, places and people that influence her life.

Her Inspirations:
Music , art , people, culture, color, texture ....

Her pieces are hand painted (by her husband) and woven with a ROCK N deconstruct style



  1. Very cool. Would love to see more of her stuff. Sounds like you had a good weekend!

  2. love this, i want a tunic like that in black!!

  3. I admire someone who can construct things out of clothing! Great post, thanks for the intro!