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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper Jam On IT ...


 These are some really RAD Hip Hop Lyric Handcrafted Letterpress Posters by Paper Jam Press!

Theres No Sleep Til Brooklyn so it leaves me Thinkin of a Master Plan Til the break of Dawn cause you know Everyday I'm out there Hustlin and Today was a Good Day and You Don't Stop so How do You Like Me Now?? Cant Touch This!



Im Loving this one... It brings me back to the days of the Movie Colors (I saw it in NYC). This song Paid in Full is by Eric B and Rakim and the song is super dope!


  1. I love the "TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY" one.

  2. I can't read them without singing them in my head

  3. these are awesome! thanks for sharing. super cool.