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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Curtains that ROCK!!

When its cold outside and not much to do YarnZombie makes things...

This Door Cutain is made from old Kodachrome slides and aluminum chainmail rings.


How cool is this. The vintage slides are drilled using a Dremel tool and a Dremel tool drillpress. They taped a cardboard jig to the drillpress so the holes wound up in the right place. Then they are connected together with the chainmail rings.


Is this Rockin Brilliant or what??


  1. This is what I call "Smart Art"!

    Could you imagine an entire top to floor, wall to wall window of this slide show curtain?

  2. that is so cool, it could easily be a DIY!

  3. F'in brilliant. I love how it looks with the light coming through.