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Friday, February 26, 2010

As Aldo Nova sang..... Life is just a Fantasy

Can you live this Fantasy Life?? 

I can...

In this bedroom for starters. How Amazing and Comforting would it be to wake up in this!!

Then go into my favorite room in the house to take a bubbly warm bath. Aaaah!

Then I will ROCK this Fucking Stunning Joseph Altuzarra Badass sexy leather Ensemble!

Happy Friday!


  1. That first pic <3... my happy place....

  2. that bathroom looks like paradise. when ever i think of a nice bedroom i think about mariah careys bathroom that they showed on mtv cribs!

  3. If you can dream it you can do. Go YOU! xo Mish

  4. this makes me want to go on vacation! I need one ASAP.

  5. I love the outfit ! Am loving your rock'n'roll idea about fashion !

    Check out my fashion blog and tell me what you think too : :D

    XOXO, C.