Beauty ~ Soul ~ RocknRoll

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Take me in your arms - Roll me through the night

Take me to your heart - Rock me tonite
Lyrics - Billy Squier
Song - Rock Me Tonight


  1. i love your blog! it's a reminder about how much rock chick there is in me.

    while my music tastes have expanded from classic rock to reggae to punk to hip hop and blues, there are moments when i crank up the radio so loud and totally rock out to songs by ted nugent, ACDC or steve miller, your blog reminds me how much i really love leather jackets, rock band t-shirts, boots, studs and ripped up jeans.

    love the music, too...makes me want to hang out and sing...

    thanks. xo

  2. Feeling extra edgy today. Wearing Dolce Vita Gladiators that have studs on them. Works well with your site :)

  3. studs & rock are always the best match!!

  4. COoLeSt StyLe iN FaSHioN iS:
    ROCk n' ROLL sTyLe..
    doN't u tHiNk sO?
    aNd i LiKe RoCK n'RoLL STyLe tOo..
    aNd oF couRse FuR, aNiMaL PRiNt foR Me iS aWeSoMe..

    PleaSe viSit My bLoG:

    u caN foLLoW mE tOo,
    LiKe i diD tO u.. :)
    tHx U deaR..