Beauty ~ Soul ~ RocknRoll

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm a be, I'm a be I'm a I'm a I'm a be.....

I'm a be on the next level 
I'm a be rockin' over that bass treble 

Lookin' all fly and shit 

I'm a (I'm a) be here to stay 
The 21st century till infinitay

Rich baby quick quick I'm a I'm a I'm a be 
The shit baby check me out be 
I'm a be, I'm a be 
On top, never stop (be be) 

When the goal is to rock the whole globe 
I'm a be the future 


We can’t help that we popular 
And all these folks want to flock to us 
Come to a show and just rock with us 

I'll Post The BLank Party Pics Later...It will be worth the wait!

Ima Be
Black Eyed Peas


  1. I'm still dreaming the guccis!!

  2. HI Love your blog.
    Just got started on a blog. Please visit =)

  3. i LOVE that gold watch. i need something like that but in silver!

  4. That necklace is insaaaane. Love it. I really want something like that, where's it from?

  5. Wow, love the necklace! BIG TIME!!! ;-D